21 Apr Soñadores

Last week we went to a concert in San Francisco to watch our son’s band, Breakaway Patriot, play at Cafe Du Nord. He was playing with 2 other small, undiscovered bands who all play their own original music. Our son’s band went on first, then another band, and then the “main” draw. While the main band was playing I noticed the lead singer of the 2nd band talking with a group of people. He was all smiles and full of energy. It had been a great show. I didn’t need to hear what he was saying to know that he was happy to be following his dream and that having a successful show meant that there would be more bookings and maybe someday they would make it big.


As I watched him talk I thought about how this was no different then the many winemakers we have met who have that same giddy energy when they share a bottle of wine that they produced. Or when they receive an accolade or award. There is nothing like the successes and highs on the journey to following your own dream. This is especially true when you take the plunge and quit your “real” job to pursue your ambitions and dreams.


Lately we’ve been doing a lot of events in conjunction with Nest GSV in Redwood City as well Google. Nest GSV is called an incubator. It’s a place where people with start up dreams can find cheap “rent” for desks, meeting places, tools, and even a big slide for fun. The building is full of engineer types busily working on their computers. They might not be on stage or in a vineyard, but they too, are following their dreams.


Someone once said if you work doing what you love then you never have to work again. At then end of the day, that’s what all of us who are winemakers, budding musicians, and start up techies are trying to achieve, never having to work again. Rather, we want to stay busy doing what we love, what excites us, what energizes us, and what is worth the sacrifice of our time. That’s what following your dreams leads to; a way of life rather than a job.

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