Vino Tours

Small Lot Wine Tours: A Wine Tour and Designated Driver Service for Napa and Sonoma

Vino Latino Tours offers a unique point of view of the wine country.  It’s often said that the American wine industry was built on the backs of Latinos.  Vino Latino offers wine tours where you get to meet the Latinos who make up that backbone in Napa and Sonoma.   Even if a winery is not owned by a Latino, chances are the vineyard manager, cellar master, and, the people picking the grapes and working in the fields are Latinos.   More and more you’ll find Latinos as hospitality directors, VP’s, and in the tasting rooms.  Vino Latino’s tours focuses on learning about wine by meeting the Latino behind the scenes, and on the front lines.

We save money by not owning a fleet of course.  Instead we drive your car or rental (fully insured) and pass the savings on to you.  We charge $190 for the first 4 hours and $35 per hour thereafter.  Tasting fees and gratuity are not included.