Vino With Amigos

Vino With Amigos


amigoWhile coming to the wine country is awesome and fun, sometimes it’s just not practical. People with kids, budgets, or large groups might find it a better fit to go wine tasting right from the comfort of their own home or office. That’s where Vino With Amigos comes in. We bring the wine country to you if you live anywhere in California (for now).


Here’s how it works: You invite your friends, family, or co-workers to your venue. We use the word “venue” because Vino With Amigos can take place at a home, an office, or a restaurant (with the restaurant’s permission). We bring 5 wines, each from a different vintner, mostly Latino. However we are happy to cater the wines if we can to a theme such as celebrating women by bringing wine only made by women. These wines are small production, made in the USA, and most likely cannot be found at stores and restaurants. They are also wines made by our friends. We love supporting people we like!

If you and your guests enjoy the wines they can order the wine. We will then ship the wine to the host of the party who will then distribute them to the guests. We usually ship within 2 weeks. Just think Tupperware, but with wine! (Please note that WE ARE NOT a mulit-level marketing company). Minimum of 10 people required.


Northern California: $20  per person (includes glass)

Southern California: $25  per person (includes glass)

Outside of California: $35 per person


We do offer the following tasting additions:

Cheese Pairing
An Additional $10 per person

We perfectly pair the wines with cheese. Because we are all about being local and supporting small business we try to use cheese from local creameries such as Cow Girl and Vella.

Cheese and Charcuterie Pairing
An Additional $15 per person

 We perfectly pair the wine with cheese and meat or pate`. We buy most of our charcuterie from the Fatted Calf who makes their own salumi, pate`s, and other delicious bites!

Chocolate Pairing
An Additional $10 per person:

 We pair the wine with delicious chocolates made from our friends at Feve Chocolate from San Francisco. Feve is owned by Shawn Williams who is a one man chocolate show. We love Shawn and love to support him not only because his chocolate is the BOMB, but because he also a Navy veteran and we always want to support our vets!

FUN WITH FUNDRAISING: Imagine you could raise funds for you favorite cause or organization just by drinking wine? We have a proven and successful fundraising platform that we would love to share with you. Please contact us at


Please note: Vino Latino USA does NOT sponsor events or donate wine for FREE.


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