Vino Latino USA and our wine celebrate the rich and proud heritage that Latinos have had on the wine industry. For almost a century, Latinos have helped drive an industry that has created some of the best wines in the world.

Fernando Candelario Icon

Fernando Candelario got his first job in the wine industry as a teenager when he was offered a job working on the bottling line at Robert Mondavi Winery.

He quickly proved himself a hard worker and was made supervisor. While working on the bottling line he found himself drawn to the cellar, where wine is made.

After Mondavi he helped launch the brand T-Vine before starting his own brand, Voces. In addition to Voces he is the winemaker for La Rochelle Winery in Sonoma.

In 2019 he became partner and winemaker for Vino S Vida. He says that if he’s going to make a $15 bottle of wine, it’s going to be the best $15 bottle of wine you’ve ever tried!