Vino Latino USA is a company that celebrates Latino vinters and winemakers within the United States via direct to consumers sales, in-home wine tasting “Vino With Amigo,” wine tours and our wine club.

A selection of wines from our favorite producers are available for purchase here at great prices. Explore the range.

Vino Latino Wine Club is easy for everyone to enjoy. We feature Latino vintners and winemakers within the USA by shipping twice per year.

While coming to the wine country is awesome and fun, sometimes itโ€™s just not practical. People with kids, budgets, or large groups might find it a better fit to go wine tasting right from the comfort of their own home or office.


Vino Latino, like so many things Latin, was born out of passion. The passion began when Ramon Sandoval of San Mateo, California, met Becky Tyner, of Napa, California.

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Small Lot Wine Tours: A Wine Tour and Designated Driver Service for Napa and Sonoma

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