Wine Rack

Vino Latino USA is a company that celebrates Latino vintners and winemakers within the United States via direct to consumer sales, in-home wine tasting “Vino With Amigos,” wine tours and our wine club. We are excited to work with pioneers of the American wine industry such as Gustavo Brambila, Robledo Family, up and comers Cesar Toxqui, Fernando Candelario and our special women on the scene “Cecilia” of Enriquez family wines and “Fausta” of Fausta Family Vineyards .

The American wine industry was built on the backs of Latinos, and now, after years of hard work, Latino vintners and winemakers are at the forefront of the wine industry. Where they once worked the vineyards, they now own the vineyard. Where they once worked the cellars, they now claim the name “winemaker.” They have taken their passion for family, land, and work and poured it into their wines. At Vino Latino USA we feature wine made with Latin Passion in the USA.

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